Who We Are

SoTre Properties is a full-service real-estate design, development, and management company of residential and commercial properties located in the historic Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland. Our passion is to save homes and build community. We fully restore existing century homes keeping as much of the historical character as possible while adding modern conveniences. 


In addition, we believe it is our responsibility to help build the community surrounding our homes. With that goal in mind, SoTre Properties has embarked on a number of projects. 


Public Art 

We worked with local artists to paint trashcans and hang banners. New mural designs are being finalized so be sure to keep your eye out for them around the neighborhood!





The pocket gardens add color and beauty to the intersections along Scranton Rd.

The pumpkin patch brings the community together to work towards a common goal. In the fall, the pumpkins are sold and proceeds donated to the St. Michael’s Food Bank. 


Community Outreach Projects


Summertime Tenant Mojito Social 

Winter Glove and Mitten Drive

Forward Living is Making a Difference

SoTre Properties is one of Forward Living’s portfolio of properties based in Cleveland, OH. 

To become a part of Forward Living, the portfolio of properties need to meet certain criteria that contribute to a quality, well-balanced life. For instance, they need to be conveniently located to a variety of amenities like shopping, dining, and entertainment. Having these close to your residence allows you can maximize your free time. The properties also need to be in a densely populated area, so you have the opportunity meet your neighbors, walk your dog or ride your bike. Developing a sense of community is important to Forward Living because we want you to feel at home in your neighborhood. 

Our Partners 


More Than Just Housing...

Forward Living, Forward Thought and Forward Breath are part of the Forward Life collective dedicated to helping the way you live, think and be.

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