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Looking To Own A Home In Tremont?


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February 2014
SoTre Properties Newsletter


February 2014




How Do You Thank A 
Private Investor?
Private Investors are kinda like parents..... 
they lend you cash FAST when you need it!
The big difference is they want it back!  SoTre Properties' Private Investors are a unique group of folks who are wise, giving, kind and see the benefits of investing in the SOTRE neighborhood.  There are many benefits to having Private Investors fund a property acquisition and restoration, but the biggest benefit is SoTre Properties can move FAST. Instead of working with a financial institution and endless paperwork, a Private Investor can provide cash within days and then Eric and his team can get to work!
So, how do we thank these folks enough for all they do and the difference they make in all our lives? I am not sure, but I think we can start with a big THANK YOU and we look forward to working with all of you in 2014!
SoTre Properties is always looking for investors.  If you or someone you know would like to invest in a property (to own, rent or resell), please contact Eric to discuss how to get started.


2881 Scranton

2014 is going to be a great year for 2881 Scranton.  SoTre Properties recently acquired this beautiful home on the corner of Scranton and Mentor.  This home has been vacant for several years and came with some great features like a marble soaking tub and sink.  And some not so great features like a hole in the roof all the stuff the last owner left behind.  

This is a stunning old home and we look forward to watching and sharing its rebirth.

28812 2




Ask The Expert - How To Stay Positive When You Have the Winter Blues
Dr. Dixon of the Cleveland Clinic says the best ways to feel your best during the winter are:
  1. Light Therapy
  2. Regular Exercise
  3. Getting Outdoors daily
  4. Eat high energy food and steer clear of carbs
She is a doctor with lot of school'n and experience, so she knows what is best.  But, I have lived in cold climates all my life and have my own ways of keeping myself off the edge during these cold, dark days of winter.  They are:
  1. Going out to eat with a friend - make it a long meal that lasts a few hours not a quick bite on the run.  What else do you have to do - it is cold out!
  2. Listening to great music I don't hear often like Opera, 80s love ballads or the sound track to any Broadway musical
  3. Seeing a movie - all the Oscar contenders are coming out now
  4. Booking all the summer trips, concerts, reunions, etc  - this gives me something to look forward to and takes my mind off the cold for a while.  Plus booking now saves money!
What Do you do?  Let us know and we'll share it!



Happy Valentine's Day


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In This Issue:
  • Thank you Private Investors!
  • 2881 Scranton
  • Ask The Expert -Winter Blues


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