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SoTre properties partners with various community organizations to ensure the stability and quality of the neighborhood. Managing Partner, Eric Lutzo is the founder of Tremont Gardeners, an organization with the mission to keeping Tremont clean and beautiful. Other neighborhood projects in which Eric has been involved include placing banners along Scranton Avenue, a community garden and street beautification projects.

Scranton Road neighbors are soldiers in war against graffiti

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- With a satchel of spray paint, some acetone and a vinyl sign with block letters that read "Graffiti Clean-Up In Progress" a small but mighty contingent of activists went to battle today on Scranton Road. Read the entire article at

Our Partners

Tremont Gardeners are local Tremont residents who share a passion for gardening and are dedicated to keeping the Tremont Neighborhood in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, beautiful and clean.

The Cleveland Action to Support Housing with a mission to encourage the revitalization of Cleveland's neighborhoods. They achieve their mission through repair and/or rehabilitation lending.

Tremont West Development Corporation as worked to make Tremont a great place to live, visit, work or have a business since 1978.