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How To Stay Warm This Winter

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January 2014
SoTre Properties Newsletter


January 2014                                                   snowman 2




How To Stay WARM This Winter
Well folks, looks like we are in for a record-breaking cold winter. For years to come we will look back to that crazy cold winter of 2014...but first we have to get through the next three months!

Here are a few tips to keep your home warm and keep energy costs down:
  1. Replace Air Filters on your furnace.  YOU are responsible for replacing your air filters.  If they are not replaced often they will become dirty and cause your furnace to malfunction.  The malfunction will cost a lot to fix.  Keeping the filters clean will help your furnace run efficiently keeping you warm and saving you money.  Change the filter monthly during the winter.  Do you have questions about how to do this?  Please call us and we can help!
  2. The Spin on Ceiling fans.  A fan spinning counter clockwise cools the room, but switching the reverse button will bring the warm air down to earth.  Run the fan in the clockwise position at the slowest speed. If you find this creates too much wind...just turn it off until summer.
  3. Work The Drapes.  Open the drapes when the sun is shining to get some free solar heat.  Be sure to close them at sunset.  Better yet - used insulted curtains to help keep the heat in and the cold out.
  4. Move furniture away from vents, registers and radiators. This sounds like common sense, but sometimes a couch, chair or bed is blocking a return or supply vent causing a house-wide pressure imbalance that disrupts the heat flow of the entire house costing money and leading to cold rooms.


Ask An Expert...
Sharing great tips and ideas is not only fun but also our responsibility.  This year we will interview experts to share timely and useful information.  

Due to the ongoing cold wave, we have asked a home improvement specialist, Mr. Van Norman,  a few questions about keeping your place warm and saving on energy bills.

Q. What is the best idea to saving money and staying warm in the winter?
A. Managing your thermostat is the most direct way to save.  If you can program your thermostat, keep it at its energy-savings set point for long periods of time (when you are not home during the day and when you are sleeping).  

Q. What is the energy-saving set point? 
A. Typically around 60 degrees.  Then raise the temp to about 68 while you are home and awake.

Q. Any additional advice?
A. If you do not use a room, shut the door to keep the warm air flowing in the rooms you are using. Always make sure your chimney flue is closed!

Next month we will learn how to weather this winter emotionally - hang in there!




Answering Yours Questions and 2014 Events

We are gearing up for 2014 to be our best year yet at SoTre Properties.  We are planning social gatherings, community events, home acquisitions and finding ways to continue to providing YOU with all the information you need to love your home and your community.

Please let us know your questions and the topics you would like to explore this year.  
It can be anything you like... 
  • SoTre Properties
  • Tremont
  • Older homes
  • Gardening
  • Decorating
  • Pets
  • You name it!
Please email questions or topics you would like to see as a focus to  We will be sure to follow-up and provide insightful and useful information on our website and in our newsletter.
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In This Issue:
  • How To Stay Warm This Winter
  • Ask An Expert
  • Answering Your Questions and 2014 Events


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Dates To Note


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