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Happy Holidays to All!
December 2013
SoTre Properties Newsletter
Happy Holidays To You and Yours


December 2013




Tidings of Comfort and Joy...
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Let's test your candle-safety knowledge...

Which month reports the highest number of candle related home fires?
Which room in the house has the most candle related fires?
What are the two top causes of candle related home fires?
See answers at bottom of newsletter...
Please enjoy your holiday candles this year - but be safe and mindful to ensure you have a happy and joyful holiday season!


"Oh, Christmas Tree...

...What Do I do with you on December 26?"

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We all love to search for the perfect Christmas tree, decorate it with our favorite ornaments and lights and enjoy its glow in the dark winter mornings and evenings...
then Christmas is over
and we want the messy tree OUT!
Disposing of your live tree is so easy in Cleveland.  You simply place it on the curb the day of your trash pick-up and they will haul it away to make it into mulch.  Then you will see it again in the spring in a city garden.
Any further questions?  Check out the City of Cleveland site:



5 Christmas Tree MUST DO Safety Tips
  1. Make sure tree is at least 3 feet away from a heat source (fireplace, radiator, candles, heat vents or lights)
  2. Always turn OFF Christmas tree lights before leaving your home or going to bed (never use outdoor tree lights)
  3. If artificial make sure it is certified as fire retardant.  If you have a  live tree make sure it has fresh green needles that do not fall out when touched
  4. Do not block an exit
  5. Get rid of the tree when it starts to drop this video to see how fast a Christmas tree burns...less than 20 seconds:



May Your Troubles Be Less
May Your Blessings Be More
And Nothing But Happiness
Come Through Your Door!
All My Best To You For A
Healthy & Happy 2014!
- Eric
Answers: December; Bedroom; Some sort of combustible material was too close (bedding or decorations) and leaving candles unattended (falling asleep or leaving the home)
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In This Issue:
  • Tidings of Comfort and Joy
  • "Oh Christmas Tree..."
  • 5 Christmas Tree MUST DO Safety Tips
  • Happy 2014!


Tremonsters Movin'...
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Nov 10
Tremont Farmer's Market
(Pilgrim Cong Church)

Nov 13 (6 PM - 10 PM)
Tremont Artwalk
Don't forget to visit Public Square for the Winterfest!

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