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Is Your Refrigerator Running?

 August 2013

SoTre Properties Newsletter


August 2013




Hello, Is Your Refrigerator Running?
Yes?  You better go catch it!  

We''re glad it is running!  We hope all your appliances are in perfect running order.  We also hope your toilet is running and your air conditioning is running super well!

But, we know there are days when appliances stop running. Or toilets get clogged or roofs start to leak or fans stop spinning.  There are so many things that could go wrong in a home, it is hard to list them all.

It is our goal to fix any problems you have as quickly as possible. SoTre Properties takes pride our beautiful, functioning homes.  We want the best for all tenants and feel you deserve it.  

With this in mind, we have created an easy to use tool on our website to gather all issues/problems/concerns.  The next time you have a maintenance issue, please follow these simple steps for a fast turnaround:
  1. Log on to our website at
  2. Go to the "Contact" Tab
  3. Scroll down the drop down menu, go to "Maintenance Request"
  4. Answer the questions:
    1. Address (drop down menu)
    2. Category (drop down menu)
    3. Sub-Category (drop down menu)
    4. Your name
    5. Best phone number to reach you about this issue
    6. Any comments, notes or information relating to this issue that may be helpful
    7. Best email to reach you about this issue
Please keep in mind - if there is catastrophic damage or an urgent need, please call Eric ASAP.  If a tree fell on your house or a water pipe broke and the house is flooded - call quickly so we can take care of the problem and minimize damage.  But for all other items that need attention - the fastest way to set us into action is filing the maintenance issue on the website.

If you have any problems with the tool or the site, please drop us an email and we''ll help you out!
Oh - there it is!
fridge 4


Introducing....1913 Brainard!

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What an awesome home SoTre Properties will complete by Aug 1! This stunner has been completely renovated into two apartments (upstairs/downstairs).  Each apartment has hardwood floors, two bedrooms and one bath, new kitchens and beautiful tile.  There is a garage and a newly constructed parking pad in back.  On a beautiful tree-lined street this is a great place to call home.  Walk by sometime to check it out!


Don't Miss August in Tremont!

If you did not take a vacation this summer, don''t feel bad.  It is time for your "staycation" here in Tremont!  WOW - there is so much to do! Treat yourself to a few nice meals out on the town and take in all the art and fun you can handle!  

Be sure to check out the Arts in August events.The mission of Arts in August is to expose the people of Tremont, Greater Cleveland and Cuyahoga County to the beauty and positive influence of the arts.  Furthermore, it is our solid purpose to provide this exposure free of cost!  Arts in August is a unique performance series.  

The four presenters include three nonprofits and a City Councilman; a true collaboration of unique partners.  The four partnering presenters aim to specialize in building community in both the social and physical realms. The dance weekend is being coordinated by a new partner, Cleveland Public Theatre.  What better way is there to bring a community together but around the arts!

Lincoln Park, located at W. 14th and Starkweather in the heart of Tremont, is the perfect venue for this signature outdoor performance series. Having steadily grown since 2002, Arts in August attracts thousands of residents and visitors each year.

Come see performances from dance to Shakespeare..and enjoy!Details at
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In This Issue:
  • Hello, Is Your Refrigerator Running?
  • Introducing ...1913 Brainard!
  • Don''t Miss August in Tremont!


Tremonsters Movin''...
Eddy & Josh

...Until We Meet Again!
Ty Dice
August Dates To
Aug 1 - Ice Cream social at the Orchard - all are welcome
Aug 2 - Arts in August Event in Lincoln Park
Aug 3 - Arts in August Event in Lincoln Park
Aug 4 - Arts in August Event in Lincoln Park
Aug 6 - Tremont Farmer''s Market
Aug 1 - Ice Cream social at the Orchard - all are welcome
Aug 8 - Arts in August in Lincoln Park
Aug 9 - Arts in August Event in Lincoln Park
Aug 9 - Tremont Artwalk
Aug 10 - Yoga in the Park
Aug 10 - Arts in August Event in Lincoln Park
Aug 13 - Tremont Farmer''s Market
Aug 15 - Ice cream social at the Orchard - all are welcome
Aug 16 - Arts in August Event in Lincoln Park
Aug 17 - Arts in August Event in Lincoln Park
Aug 20 - Tremont Farmer''s Market
Aug 23 - Arts in August Event in Lincoln Park
Aug 24 - Arts in August Event in Lincoln Park
Aug 24 - Yoga in the Park
Aug 27 - Tremont Farmer''s Market
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