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If Your Remember Only One Thing...


June 2014
SoTre Properties Newsletter


June 2014




If You Remember Only 
One Thing...
Read the SoTre Properties Monthly Newsletter.  This is our most efficient mode of communication of important property and community information.  We will communicate changes in services, new properties and anything we feel will help make your stay here in SOTRE more enjoyable.  
    If You Can Remember A Few More Things...
How to make a Maintenance Request.  If you have a Maintenance Request, please submit it on the website at  We will contact you to schedule the work.
Please Note: 
  1. If there is an emergency damaging the property please call Eric ASAP.
  2. Maintenance Requests will be reviewed within 24 hours and scheduled ASAP.  The urgent requests will have priority.
  3. Maintenance Requests cannot be accepted over text, phone or voice mail.
Your lease will automatically renew 60 days prior to the end date. We will try to reach out to you before this 60 day window to confirm if you would like to renew.  If you DO NOT let us know your plans and your lease automatically renews (and you decide to leave) you will be in a "lease break"situation. 

Take a minute right now to make a note on your calendar (or day planner or phone) 90 days before your expiration datethat you need to start thinking about your renewal.

Communication is key!


WOW 1645 Brainard!

1645 2

This beautiful Victorian is the latest addition to SoTre Properties.  Here are the facts by the numbers:
  • Built in 1890
  • Saved by SoTre Properties in 2013
  • Completion date is July 1, 2014
  • Three units, first floor, second floor and a loft (all units already under contract!)
  • Total square footage is 2465
  • Total number of home SoTre Properties has saved: 22 and counting!


Metro Health Is On A Journey
Metro Health is updating the West 25 Street campus.  Their 3-phase plan is underway.  They are currently in Phase 1 - Taking Stock.  Phase 1 - Taking Stock has three parts:  
  1. Confirm Goals and Create Work Plan
  2. Site Analysis
  3. Existing Site Analysis
Phase 3 - the construction - is scheduled for 2016.  We will keep you updated.  If you have any questions you can call Metro Health at 216.778.5724.
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In This Issue:
  • If You Only Remember One Thing...
  • WOW 1645 Brainard!
  • Metro Health Is On A Journey


Tremonsters Movin'...
  • Brian
  • Presley
  • Lauren
  • Michael
  • Zach
  • Robert
  • Shawn
  • Bethany
Until We Meet Again..
  • Lina
  • David
  • Anjin
  • Allen
June Dates To
June 3, 10, 17 & 24 - Tuesdays in Tremont at Press Wine Bar and Southside

June 3, 10, 17 & 24 - Farmer's Market at Lincoln Park (4 PM - 7 PM)

June 7 - Tremont Historic Church Tour 

June 13 - Tremont Artwalk (6 PM - 10 PM)

June 14 -Cleveland Shakespeare Festival at Lincoln Park featuring "A Midsummer's Night Dream"

June 14 & 21 - Yoga Rocks The Park at Lincoln Park (10 AM)

June 21 - Tremont Home Tour

Mark Your Calendar
The Tremont 
Garden Walk 
July 12 & 13 

Featuring 10 SoTre Properties homes! More details to come!

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