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April Showers Bring May Flowers...


April 2014
SoTre Properties Newsletter


April 2014




Don't Bag It!
Here is the good news:
The City of Cleveland makes RECYCLING very easy with its "single stream" policy allowing you to place all recyclable items in one bin without any sorting.  Place cans, glass, cartons in one container and the City will sort it for you.

In areas of Cleveland with curbside RECYCLING collection, residents receive a blue bin and collection is weekly.   Residents without curbside RECYCLING collection can drop recyclables off at any City of Cleveland recycling dumpster (Westside Market is close).

Here is the MORE good news:
Plastic bags are no longer accepted with the RECYCLABLES. Do not bag the RECYCLABLES, but they should be placed lose in the recycle bins.  These bags are causing a high rate of contamination in the recycling process (plastic bags can still be used for trash). 

FYI - Here is the BAD news about plastic bags (if you don't already know):
  1. About 1 million plastic bags are used every minute
  2. A plastic bag takes 1,000 years to degrade
  3. The plastic bag is toxic even after it breaks down
  4. Plastic bags are the second most common ocean refuse (after cigarette buts)
  5. Every square mile of ocean has 46,000 plastic bags floating in to
Please don't use Plastic Bags for RECYCLABLES.


jalapeno_pepper_character_08 5SOTRE Community Gardenjalapeno_pepper_character_08 4

It is time to reserve your plot and start thinking about your garden.  Plots are limited, so email Chelsea today to reserve yours,

The SOTRE Community Garden is located at the corner of Brainard Ave and W.21st Place in South Tremont.  It is a common garden area divided into plots for the community to plant veggies and flowers during the growing season.

There is an annual $20 fee to help with maintenance costs. You supply the plants and equipment - but there is a lot of sharing going on too!



Ask The Expert:
I Spent $900 for My BED BUGS

Everyone is exposed to Bed Bugs.  I stayed at a 5-Star hotel and brought some home (only the high class Bed Bugs for me).  Next time you are staying at a hotel, check the following:
  1. Look on the Bed Bug registry to see if the hotel has had Bed Bugs in the past:
  2. Bug Bugs are always dropping fecal matter (poop). It looks like a dot from a black felt tip pen.  Look for it in these places and if you see it - run don't walk:
    • Between the pleats on the bed skirt
    • On the bed board (typically attached to the wall)
    • On the mattress seams
  3. Bed Bugs do not go in the bathroom - place your suitcase in the bathroom (instead of the bed, floor or dresser) so they won't hitch a ride home.
Getting rid of Bed Bugs is both expensive and exhausting -it is worth the effort to avoid them if you can.



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In This Issue:
  • Don't Bag IT!
  • SOTRE Community Garden
  • Ask The Expert: I spent $900 for my BED BUGS  


Lynn will be contacting everyone 60 days prior to your lease renewal to confirm your plans.  Questions?  Contact Lynn

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