Want a piece of Cleveland?

SoTre realizes that we can't save every home, nor do we want to. That is way we consult with other investors who believe in the blooming strategy, believe in Cleveland, want to create a sold investment and most importantly want to be a part of a neighborhoods rebirth. To learn more about the products and services that SoTre Development offers, connect with us on our contact us page.

Latest Progress

SoTre rescues another home. 3276 is a 1910 period Colonial Revival. It was left for nothing by the former owner and put on the market as a foreclosure by the bank. The inside features very simple yet substantial moldings, window seats and original floors. The exterior has a very unique front gable with fish scale shingles and roman arched windows. A small dormer on the south side of the home features a unique French window design. The ground feature mature trees lots of Rose of Sharon and a 1 car garage. The renovation will modernize the home mechanically and preserving the historical character of the home.

One Home at a Time
SoTre Development is the building arm of SoTre Properties. SoTre Development finds properties on the open market, being sold at sheriff sales or currently owned by a bank within the target development area. Once a property is identified, SoTre Development works to acquire the property and create a redevelopment strategy.

Blooming a Neighborhood

SoTre Development seeks out properties that can be "bloomed". Most of the properties, require extensive renovations to the mechanical systems. Surprisingly, most of the homes have great foundations and are solid structures. They simply need some nutrients to allow them to bloom to their true beauty. Once a property is identified, a detailed action plan is created for the "blooming strategy". This plan includes architectural plans, material cost lists, labor estimates and the necessary permitting. Part of the blooming strategy is to tackle the mechanical systems and make these vintage homes as efficient as possible. This efficiency protects tenants from high fuel costs.

Often the strategy includes collaberating with one or more partners to make a property come to life. Our partners include Cleveland Action Support Housing (CASH), Tremont West Development Corporation, the City of Cleveland's Federal Neighborhood Stabilization Program, private investors and financial institutions like KeyBank, ShoreBank and Bank of America.

Before and After Progress